Alexandra King is a journalist and writer living in New York City.

Alex is part of CNN's award winning digital team, reporting and producing compelling written features, breaking news stories and innovative video specials for

Alex like stories. Stories about relationships that can’t be destroyed by prison bars. Stories about institutional injustice, conquered at last. Stories about cool kids changing the conversation with their music. Stories that analyze, line by line, just how a systematic sexual abuser got away with it for so long. Stories about bidding on glistening chunks of the planet Mars. A story that lets separated immigrant mothers, and the profound pain they feel, speak for themselves, in their own hastily scrawled words.

Prior to CNN, Alex was a Multimedia Producer for United Nations Television. During her six-year stint at the UN, she spearheaded digital and social storytelling, covering everything from human rights abuses to conflict to humanitarian crises. In her first year on the job, she helped cover the crisis in Libya, the conflict in Darfur and the humanitarian response to the tsunami in Japan.

In 2015, Alex became the first female one-man band producer to ever travel with a Secretary-General, reporting from the field in Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and Ethiopia, among others, and working closely with Ban Ki-moon. She filed mobile video reports for the UN's YouTube channel as rebels closed in on Goma, DRC, and told the stories of rehabilitated Rwandan genocide perpetrators in Kigali via Instagram and Twitter.

Alex also writes for publications such as The Guardian, Refinery 29 and Red Magazine, among others.

Alex graduated from University College London with a BA in English Literature and gained her Masters degree at Columbia Journalism School in New York. She also holds a diploma in Broadcast Journalism from City University in London.

Along with her husband, Isaac Lyles, Alex is also one half of Lyles and King, a contemporary art gallery in Manhattan's Chinatown neighborhood.